Eric Breon – Pianist

Eric Breon

Growing up for the most part in Oklahoma—where his father is a United Methodist minister and
his mother a public school music teacher—Eric Breon began playing for choirs and filling in as a
church pianist while in middle school before acquiring a weekly church position toward the end
of high school. Coming to Texas for college, he graduated from the University of North Texas
with a bachelor’s degree in horn performance and subsequently continued his studies at
Southern Methodist University, earning a master’s degree in horn performance. In addition to
playing at St. Philip’s, Eric frequently accompanies on piano at schools, teaches horn lessons in
various districts, and freelances on horn in groups ranging from jazz bands and musical pits to
wind ensembles and symphony orchestras.
Eric is grateful to St. Philip’s for allowing him the opportunity to contribute his music as part of
their worship. When not involved with one of his instruments, he spends much of his free time
attempting to make a dent in the too many unread books on his bookshelves.

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