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There are a few times that I have to admit I didn’t know best and might have tried to do “Something Different”.

Evaluation of how things are completed can lead to an understanding of how to better ourselves and the things we strive to accomplish.

My wife likes to create “honey do lists” and my mom is starting to follow her lead. Much of my time outside of work is spent checking off the next item on the list. If I don’t get to the tasks quickly enough my wife does the work herself and then I try to avoid the house for the next few days. After a decade of marriage I have still failed to figure out how to complete the tasks in a way that is suitable to my wife’s liking. Take building a pantry for example. I planned to devote my whole afternoon to the project. I bought the materials, took the measurements, and as I began to work she came outside and was quick to instruct me on how to put the parts together. After several hours of  trying to prove to her that  my way was better I got back to work. Now the pantry is still in use and holds the items she wanted it to… even though it is slanted! Perhaps I should have taken the time to consider other options before I finalized the building.

A similar concept can be found in Scripture in the book of John. Peter and some of his fellow fishermen decided to go out on the Sea of Tiberias and fish through the night. As they were returning to the shore the next morning Jesus calls out and questions them about their fish. Most people would have an amazing story about how the biggest one got away but the guys were honest and said they had no fish. Jesus instructs them in such a way that seems so easy.

John 21:6 says, “And He said to them, “Cast the net on the right-hand side of the boat and you will find a catch.” So they cast, and then they were not able to haul it in because of the great number of fish.” Duh, that makes sense Jesus!

Even though the men were seasoned and professional fishermen they too didn’t think about trying something different. Much like my building skills, doing it a different way might have been beneficial. Perhaps my wife’s way might have been the one to follow. Doing things differently than what has always been done has the potential to get the results we are looking for and even greater results than we expect.

What keeps us from considering other options? Do we get so tunnel visioned that we ignore the possibilities?

Maybe permitting ourselves to seek different methods of achieving the task at hand can reveal a better understanding and a greater appreciation for the results.

Jesus and the Fisherman  had a great breakfast and began a life altering journey that started by simply doing something different.

What could we be doing differently?

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