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Robert J. Wicks is an author, psychologist, and a spiritually-centered person. He is well-respected and has a number of insights for us to examine. In his book Perspective, Dr. Wicks identified what he calls “red flags of mindlessness.” This is a state of mind that can hinder one’s quality of life. Note some of the examples listed below and see if you fall into one of these categories:
– We get easily upset – often over the wrong things – and miss what life is offering us in all interactions and events.
– Habits and rules continue to sap life’s freshness from us.
– We spend so much of the time in a cognitive cocoon of judgment, worry, preoccupation, resentment, fear, and regret that we miss life’s daily gifts happening all around us.
– Transitions make up much of our life but are not seen as being as valuable as our destinations.
– The “ghosts” of our past memories are not valued as the teachers they can be, but instead merely serve to pull us down or fill us with regret.

In today’s divided world, where we are continually tempted to allow social media and other sources influence us, we should pause for a moment and simply absorb the goodness that is around us. God has blessed us with a wonderful world and endearing relationships. Let not overlook the graciousness of our Lord by being preoccupied with what is happening in the world.

Blessings always,

Pastor Rene’

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