From the Pastor

From the Pastor

By now, most all of us are aware that Tuesday, November 6, is the last day to vote. We have been inundated with a number of TV commercials, flyers, signs, and social media outlets. With so many false claims and fear-basing messages, what is a person to believe? How do we discern what is true and what is not true? At one time, most folks voted for the candidate and not the party. But in today’s environment most people tend to vote along party lines.

What standards should we, as Christians, use when voting? No party affiliation is completely right or completely wrong. A party generally does not represent all of our thoughts and values. In such cases, it is best to vote for the party/candidate that has the most favorable positions in regards to Christian teachings. A good rule of thumb is to vote for the party that best represents the values of our Christian faith. This also means that we should support the party that has the upmost integrity in its message. If a party resorts to fear and the process of discrediting a candidate, one must ask, “can I trust this party?” or “Is this the best party that represents my Christian values?”

One other consideration should be taken by Christians when voting. Our values should be Christ-centered, not self-centered. Many of us confuse what constitutes our Christian values verses our own personal wants and desires. When we feel the tug of justifying and pursuing what we want as oppose to what God wants then we are missing the mark (sin).

As your pastor, I hesitate to advise anyone how to vote, however, I do encourage everyone to vote. My intent is simply to offer some direction to the voter who may be questioning which candidate or party to support. Thank you.

Blessings always,

Pastor Rene’

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