2 Timothy 2:15 says, “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.”

There is so much power and beauty to this verse. From the very get go I want you to know that God doesn’t make junk! Think about that for a moment…God doesn’t make junk! I still think about where I was when I grasped that concept for my own life. I was a teenager on a mission trip in Colorado. We saw this mural presentation of who God says we are and through my background story one could understand so much. I felt as though I was nothing. My mother dropped me off at the Boys Ranch and drove away for 16 plus months. I had a “Chihuahua complex” meaning that I thought I was the biggest dog on the park. I had issues and I was hiding behind this masquerade of anger and bitterness. I ended up in foster care and when my mother passed away…alone I felt like junk. I hadn’t seen my dad in 10 years and for the first time I was going to move in with him.

As I sat there in tears over the reality that I had wasted years over things I couldn’t control I was not junk! God had a plan for me and my job on this earth was to present myself to God and God alone. This past week I was reminded of that when the youth of our church went to a youth rally. I lived my life behind this filtered image of myself. I allowed people to see what I wanted them to see. Much like taking a selfie and applying all those really silly filters with your phone. How do you present yourself? Do people get to know the real you? Does God get to see the real masterpiece he created and is still working on to perfect? The world needs the real you! There is a tweet you can retweet. God doesn’t make junk He makes masterpieces. The world is full of copies and the world needs the real you!

More than how you present yourself, what filters do you use to look at others? Do you see others as a masterpiece that God has created? Have you ever thought, the way you view others is a representation of how you view God? This week I am challenging myself and asking you to join me. You know your filters and you know what you see when you look at others. Would you go out of your comfort zone and reach out to one of those that you see through filters? Would you invite them to church? Maybe buy them coffee one day.

You get to be the beautiful artwork of God in action. What will you do this week?

Not sure if you have filters….try this. Read the next few lines and imagine the person coming into the room with you and sitting across from you and then getting up and walking out. No words exchanged just walking in and walking out.

  • In comes a doctor he walks in sits down…and now he walks out.
  • Next in comes a lawyer…now he stands and walks away.
  • A professor walks into the room and takes his seat.
  • Next enters a drug dealing thug…he sits…and now he walks out
  • Then enters a handsome gentlemen…and he walks out.
  • Walking into the room is a gorgeous women…after sitting she walks out.

Now, which one of those individuals was seen as a minority? Or seen as a person of color? Perhaps the same one that I imagined to be. We have filters that have been created by society. You’re not bad!

Are you ready to accept this challenge and reach out to someone that we usually see with filters and get out of our comfort zone? Seek God and ask him to renew your mind and see people as he created them and not how society says we are supposed to see them.

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