Last week’s sermon on Dreaming of the Day visited, in part, three plans that our larger church is currently discussing regarding the denomination’s position on human sexuality. The three plans that were identified include the Traditionalist Plan, the Connectional Conference Plan, and the One Church Plan. Afterwards, I challenged the congregation to place their focus on the mission of the United Methodist Church as opposed to the matters that divide us. The mission, “making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world,” I contended, is far more important than arguing about human sexuality issues.


After the service, a few members were curious about my personal thoughts on the three plans and if I favored any one of the plans. As with every question that is pointedly addressed to me, I will give the disclaimer that “while this is my position now, it may change in the future.” I believe that life encompasses change and that all people change in time. I am convinced that life is not designed to be stagnant. Individually, every human being should be growing and maturing in all aspects of life. I certainly believe this is the case with our faith.


While I am happy to share my own personal opinions about any subject matter, please note that my preference of others is that they discover their own answers. In the process of gathering information and research, everyone should come up with their own conclusions with regards to any subject matter. As a clergy person, it is my hope that our beloved United Methodist Church will stay together and ride out the storm. My preference is that we set aside our differences with human sexuality and work together for the larger mission of the church. For now, I am most impressed by the Bishop’s plan, however that may change tomorrow. J


Pastor Rene’

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