Dear Church Family,


In the months that lie ahead, you are certain to hear more and more about the upcoming discussion regarding the larger church’s position on human sexuality. For decades, our church has been in a theological debate about the role of homosexuality within our denomination. Our official position as a United Methodist Church is that the practice of homosexuality is considered a “practice incompatible with Christian teaching” (BOD, Par 161.F). However, the church also implores “families and churches to not reject or condemn lesbian and gay members and friends” (BOD, Par 161.F).


At the last General Conference in 2016, members voted that a committee be formulated with representation from all segments of the globe, including those who held both conservative and liberal views. The Commission on a Way Forward has been meeting for the last couple of years with the purpose of formulating a proposal to keep the United Methodist Church united. There has been concern about some congregations breaking away from the larger church.


Sometime during the July time frame, legislation will be proposed on this matter to be voted upon by a special General Conference in February, 2019. All churches will have an opportunity to see the proposals prior to this special session. It is hoped that after reviewing the document all churches will be in unison with their efforts to keep the denomination together.


As your pastor, I feel confident that this matter will be resolved fairly and with good intent. I certainly expect that our church will hold together and continue its work of making disciples for Jesus Christ. Making disciples for Jesus Christ should be our number one priority. I believe that our church will hold together if we keep our focus on our mission.


More information will be coming forth as it comes to our church. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions. Thank you.


Pastor Rene’

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