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With all the news being discussed today, utilizing a variety of formats, I thought this would be a good time to focus on what United Methodist people believe with regards to social issues. While not everyone agrees with everything that their faith group or political party advocate, there still needs to be an official position to take in consideration. Below is an excerpt defining what Methodists refer to as its social principles and resolutions.



The Social Principles provide our most recent official summary of stated convictions. The Resolutions recorded in the Book of Resolutions expand on the Social Principles. These Resolutions are the official statements of The United Methodist Church.

The Social Principles urge us not only to make a difference in the world and to live differently in the world but also and as urgently to build a different kind of world than the one we have now.

The Social Principles are a call to all members of The United Methodist Church to a prayerful, studied dialogue of faith and practice.


The 2016 Book of Discipline says the Social Principles “Are a prayerful and thoughtful effort on the part of the General Conference to speak to the human issues in the contemporary world from a sound biblical and theological foundation.” The Social Principles are a product of prayer, but they also lead us to fervent prayer. The Social Principles begin with holy conferencing by people of faith at General Conference, but they must be practiced to have lasting value.

At their best, the Social Principles and the Book of Resolutions articulate our ethical aspirations for what a durable, common good looks like in our public policies and personal commitments, as we a world-wide church and as United Methodist Christians, love God with our whole heart, mind, soul and strength and love and desire for our neighbors what we desire for ourselves. A sample of topics include our position on immigration, divorce, the environment, government, abortion, homosexuality, and a whole host of other subject matters that are of particular interest in today’s society.

The church has a copy of the Social Principles and the Book of Resolutions for group study and discussion. Please contact the church office for more information.


*Printed portions from the article Who Are We submitted by Church and Society of the UMC.


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