From very humble beginnings back in 1955, St. Philip’s United Methodist Church (originally named Kingsley Road Methodist Church) was begun.  The North Texas Conference bought the “old” Centerville Store to be used until a new church could be built on the 2 ½ acre cotton patch at the intersection of Kingsley and Centerville Road.  This old store had very rough wooden floors.  Since money was very tight, the first pastor bought used, unmatched rugs from a thrift store to cover them.  Classrooms were divided by inexpensive fabric hung on wires.  The wooden chairs were a gift from First United Methodist Church of Garland.  There were no water or bathroom facilities, and the children had to be taken across the street to a service station.

In May of 1958 a new sanctuary was built at 2925 Broadway and the name was changed to St. Philip’s United Methodist church.  The church had its ups and downs, but in 1969, under the leadership of a young, energetic pastor the church entered an era of change and growth.

By 1970 the church had outgrown that facility and a new church was built at 3717 Broadway –our current location.



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