We continue to live in perilous times. Some sources are tagging this week as a “Pearl Harbor” moment, in reference to the historical and catastrophic event from 1940. Let us continue to be cautious in our interactions with others until we get this virus situation under control. It will not last forever!


In response to these times, our church has continued to find ways to be in connection with its people. Yesterday we held our first drive-thru communion event. A number of automobiles drove through the parking lot in order to receive the sacrament. Communion was distributed one car at a time. Servers wore protective masks and gloves while maintaining their distance from others. We received a tremendously positive feedback.


It is hoped that most people have figured out a way to view our Sunday morning services. Each member of the worship team assembles a homemade video recording for the service. A big thanks to Mark McGee for putting it all together for us. We will continue to make adjustments as needed.


Rolling out this week is the introduction of Zoom technology. Zoom allows a number of people to congregate within a social media format where participants can view and speak to one another. The staff has already met utilizing this process. Some Sunday school classes and Bible studies are already in the process of developing this method for its participants.


As your pastor, I am fully aware that not everyone has a computer or camera access to take advantage of this technology. Please note that the church is doing all it can to give out timely information. From emails, to “snail mail,” or by way of phone calls, everyone should be receiving up-to-date information regarding the church’s ministry. As usual, feedback is always appreciated.


I pray that everyone will have a blessed Easter celebration this week.


Blessings always,

Pastor Rene’