From the Pastor

 I hope that you have had a chance to view our first ever virtual service of worship on the web. These videos may end up being the “new norm” in conducting worship services and relaying updated information. I can honestly tell you that each day comes forth with new information regarding social distancing and other forms of self-protection. It’s been a trying time for most all of us as we adjust and adapt to new restrictions. We just have to remind ourselves that “distancing” is in everyone’s best interest.


Please note that our church leader, Bishop Mike McKee, has requested that all churches cease activities for the month of April. This call is obviously in regards of the safety of each congregation. Our church, therefore, will not resume normal operations until we are told otherwise.


Until we are informed otherwise, the church will continue to search for creative ways to provide quality ministry to our members. For example, we will be administering Holy Communion this Sunday, April 5, from 10:30-11:30 AM in the church parking lot. For everyone’s safety, we ask all participants to remain in their automobiles to receive the elements. We will also have a collection basket on hand to receive tithes and offerings. Coming soon, the church will be launching a new virtual evening Bible Study led by our Lay Leader, Ben Plunk. The Lenten Devotional Study is also scheduled to resume on April 8 utilizing internet capabilities. And as a final note, our youth group is already utilizing social media to stay in contact with each other.


Until we receive further information, I need your help. I would like to ask each Sunday School teacher to reach out to members of their class. I would also ask that committee chairpersons call upon members of their committee. Lastly, I would ask that each of us comprise a list of church members that we can call upon. It is vital that we know that everyone within our church family is safe. It is better to receive multiple calls than no calls at all. If helpful information is discovered, please forward to the church office or to one of our staff members.


Thank you for your faithfulness, patience, and acts of grace. May God continue to follow you and yours in the days that lie ahead.


Pastor Rene’