Dear Members and Friends of St. Philip’s United Methodist Church,

 My prayer is that all is well with you and yours. These are certainly trying times. Yet with God by our side, we will prevail over any stress matters that may come upon us.

 I am writing to inform you on ways that the church is reaching out to its members. I understand that different people have different methods in receiving information. I am excited to share with you that we now have video capability on our website and on Facebook. This will be the primary way that I will disseminate information to you. The church will also utilize this method to distribute devotional and worship opportunities. Please check the church’s website for the latest information. I will also be sending out notices via email for those who prefer that form of communication. And for those who do not have a computer, the office will either send out hard copy letters or make phone calls to keep everyone updated. The important takeaway is that the church will be doing all it can to stay in touch with its members and friends.

 We will not be having office hours during this lockdown period. If you need to send a message to the church or to me as your pastor, please leave a message on the office phone number or reach my answering service (Martha) by calling 940-231-0710. While I am limited in making home visits, I can take appointments in the church office if needed. I can assure you that I will practice “safe distancing” as instructed by county, state, and federal officials.

 Remember that worship services, office hours, and all church activities have been cancelled until at least the end of March. Beyond the end of this month, I will await instructions from our denominational leaders for further guidance. In the meantime, even though the church will be closed, its financial obligations remain the same. Please mail your offering to the church when able.

 Thank you for your patience and understanding. I will keep you informed!


Pastor Rene’