Dear Members and Friends of St. Philip’s United Methodist Church,


The Coronavirus has taxed our nation in a number of ways. More and more institutions and businesses are electing to shut down all social activities in order to slow the spread of the virus. Local government officials have already made it clear that gatherings of groups over 250 is strongly discouraged. In addition, the Federal Center for Disease Control (CDC) has recently requested that no groups over 50 should gather. CDC has also suggested that people space their distance from each other by at least six feet.


Clearly people are concerned over the outcome of this highly contagious virus. Schools are closing. Grocery stores shelves are increasingly becoming bare. Sporting and entertainment events are being canceled. The nation is surely on edge over this matter.


The Coronavirus has not only impacted our nation but also our religious institutions. Religious leaders have asked churches to cease worship gatherings until further notice. As of today, next week’s service on March 22 is cancelled. Other services may be cancelled as more information comes forth. The best way to stay current on any new church development is to visit the church’s webpage where the latest information will be passed forward.


Friends, we are wandering in unchartered territory. Rarely has our nation seen such a response to a potential threat. In fact, I am not aware of any time in recent history where churches have been asked to close their doors due to health concerns. Yet we must commit ourselves to be safe in order to save lives. Therefore we will comply with the directives that our leaders have presented to us. We want to be good and responsible citizens.


While church services will be closed this Sunday, the church will continue to hold its regular office hours. Weekly activities will continue to proceed as scheduled but with the mindset of staying safe. And as a final note, please do not forget the importance of giving to the church. The church’s financial obligations have not changed. You may either mail your offering to the church or bring it by the office during normal business hours.


Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter. Prayerfully, this crisis will not last long. Please continue to check on your circle of friends, your family, and others who may have needs. Together, and with God by our side, we will prevail over this challenge.

 In Christ,

Pastor Rene’