November 14, 2019



Dear Members and Friends of St. Philip’s United Methodist Church,


If you happened to miss the last two Sunday’s worship hour, I wanted you to be aware that the church’s new Stewardship Campaign is now underway. The campaign will run throughout the month of November and conclude with Pledge Sunday on Sunday, December 1. The campaign will feature comments from the church’s lay leaders, letters, and emails emphasizing the importance of this program.


The Finance Committee, along with the support of the church’s lay leaders, will be encouraging the members and friends of St. Philip’s to consider making a pledge to the church for the coming year. Pledge cards will be mailed out towards the end of the month. Pledge Sunday will be on Communion Sunday, December 1. Participants will be asked to leave their pledge cards on the altar railing as they come to take Holy Communion.


Rest assured that no one will be calling on you at your home for a pledge. You will not be pressured to make a tithe to the church. But we will contact you through other means in order to secure your commitment for the coming year.


Thank you for your faithfulness to St. Philip’s and for your consideration of this letter. I pray that God’s guidance, through the Holy Spirit, will lead you to make a responsible decision regarding the future of the church.


Blessings always,


Pastor Rene’