Joseph is still in the hospital.  The doctors still don't know what his illness is but his white count is high.  Prayers are needed for Joseph, Jennifer, and  doctors.  Mary Smith could use prayers as well because she is doing all she can to care for his children.  May not be a good idea to visit Joseph with him having an unknown infection.  

Please be in prayer for Logan Zerkel and his family.

 Logan had a blood clot break apart in his leg and migrated to his lungs. He is on a heart/lung bypass and in a coma. Logan is ten years old.

 Thank you, Father, for the magnificence of your grace and love. By the power of the blood Christ shed on the cross, we proclaim victory in Logan’s little body. We ask, Father, that you will comfort him and heal him. We pray for Logan’s family and that you will give them strength and reassurance that you are in control while we wait and watch and pray. In the precious name above all others, we seek your face and your presence, Lord Jesus.


The Plunks