As we had a lot of new names added to the prayer list this week, I wanted to send a separate list with a little more detail. I am consistently amazed at how caring this congregation is. Below is a list, please be in prayer for healing, restoration, and recovery. 


- Pastor Rene' has been in the hospital, but is now home. It is requested that there be no visitors to provide adequate rest, but you may leave a message for him at the office, or email him. 

- Joyce Dowless, sister of Doris Romanowski, has suffered a stroke and is currently in the hospital. 

- The Devenports, please be in prayer for Jim and Lynda. 

- Sharron Dickerson, sister-in-law of Jim Dickerson, has had a heart attack and is currently in the hospital. 

- Pat Goodson is recovering from knee surgery, and would love visitors. She is currently at Village of Lake Highlands on NW Hwy. #110, and will be there for 2-3 weeks. 


     I thank each of you for your faithfulness in praying for these families. 


Abigail Schultz