Lectionary Reading for this Week

  1 Kings 2:10-12; 3:3-14

  Psalm 111 (UMH 832)

  Ephesians 5: 15-20

  John 6: 51-58



Prayer Requests

• Bill Hardy

• Bob Skinner

• Charlotte & Tom Sawyer

• Clarice Mason

• David Hardy

• David Reeves

• Earl Harris

• Family of Jan Lewis

• Family of Mary (Joanie) Escobar

• Faye & James Nabors

• Gene Hildinger

• Gerald Davis

• Glenn Easley

• Gloria Dees

• Hannah R.

• Hazel Irby

• Kathy Robertson

• LaDonna Sanderson

• Marty Garrett

• Nadine White

• Paulette Mauer

• Rebecca Johnston & Family

• Family of Ann Cooper

• Gross Family

• Langley Family

• Masoud Hosseini - Friend of Sharon Dickerson

• Treva Mitchel

• Marla Hill

• Macwan Family

• Joyce Dowless

• Lynda Devenport

• Doris Romanowski

• Mark Kifer and Family

• Trenda Barber

• Suman Gamadia

• Kelly (broken arm and surgery) - Karen Easley's cousin

• Family of Irene Galvan - Friend of Doris Romanowski

• Shelia Borrego

• Ray and Kay Morgan

• Lisa Sorensen

• Dottie Vaughn - Friend of Bertha Hall

• Cindy Moffit - Upcoming Hip Replacement

• David Tucker - friend of Sharon Dickerson

 New Prayer Requests

Yolanda Pena

David Melton



Weekly Calendar

Sunday, August 19

- 9:15am Sunday School

- 10:30am Worship (Communion)

- 5pm Inside Out (Youth)

Monday, August 20

-7pm Boy Scouts

Tuesday, August 21

- 3:30pm Probation

Wednesday, August 22

-9:30am Sit & Sew

- 7:00 pm Choir Rehearsal

Thursday, August 23

No Scheduled Events

Friday, August 24

No Scheduled Events

Saturday, August 25

No Scheduled Events

Sunday, August 26

- 9:15am Sunday School

- 10:30am Worship

- 5pm Inside Out (Youth)


What is going on in St. Philip's Children and Youth ministry?


Are you interested in joining the church? Here's how!

In the United Methodist Church, there are three pathways to membership:


- Profession of Faith (confirmands and those who have been previously baptized but not a part of any church or congregation)


- Transfer from other Denomination (ex. Catholic, Lutherans, Baptist, etc.)


-Transfer from other United Methodist Church (ex. First UMC Garland, Axe Memorial UMC, New World UMC, etc.)


Interested persons should contact the church office or staff for more information.



Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding involvement at St. Philip's UMC! We look forward to hearing from you!


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Did you know there other payment options for your tithes and offerings?

We are now accepting PayPal! Just visit our website (www.spumc.org) and follow the links.

A PayPal account is not necessary to use this feature. And, to make it even easier, you can also set up an automatic draft! Paperwork for automatic draft is available at the office: call (972) 271-9565.