The King Is Coming – Easter Musical






This Sunday during the 8:30am and 10:30am Easter Worship Services the Adult Choir will be presenting the musical “The King Is Coming”.  This is a wonderful collection of familiar hymns and a few new songs.  The musical centers around the Bill & Gloria Gaither song titled “The King Is Coming”.

A few weeks ago I shared with the choir the story behind the song.  Bill & Gloria Gaither was having dinner with a few evangelist friends who had attended a service where the pastor has preached on the Second Coming of Christ.  The pastor had an urgency about his message and made clear that often we lose sight of this truth in the busyness of our modern lives….”Jesus is coming back”!  To conclude his message, the pastor walked up and down the aisle like a town crier saying “The King Is Coming!  The King Is Coming!

Bill and Gloria was truly moved by this message and over the next few days the Lord inspired Bill to write the music and Gloria the words to this wonderful and meaningful song.

The message of the musical is not only about the story of the cross but that we are to live our daily lives as if Jesus will return at any moment.  We need to set our goals, make our choices, raise our children, and conduct business with the perspective of the immediate return of our Lord Jesus Christ.  What a glorious day that will be!!!

 We encourage you to invite your family and friends to join us this Sunday as we celebrate “The King Is Coming”!  Come be restored and renewed in your faith that we may all leave the service and be like a town crier shouting “ the King is coming so you better get ready”!

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